2 responses to “Thanks, but I’m fat.

  1. I am delighted you have brought this to light. For years I did the same and in my early 30’s I made a conscientious effort to change my personal “put downs” and simply started to say “Thank you”. It was liberating! Now in my 40’s, I don’t think twice about it and even encourage others that a simple thank you is sufficient. There is no need to make excuses for reaping the fruits of hard labor. Let the naysayers go on living in their own shadows. I say embrace the goodness and love yourself without guilt!

  2. I’m so thrilled to hear! I think it’s wonderful that you embrace the compliment rather than dodge the praise or berate yourself. I feel that sometimes women in particular feel they have to apologize for just saying thank you rather than..”yeah but…..” A compliment (a genuine compliment) is a gift from someone and we don’t throw gifts back 🙂 SO TRUE — “Embrace the goodness and love yourself without guilt” We can remain humble but at the same time feel deserving of praise, of good stuff in life. There’s no need to put ourselves down to make others feel elevated. We can be grateful, confident, deserving, loving and joyful — and hopefully others will feel the same.

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