One response to “Tragedy in Colorado, Columbine: Not “natural course of things”

  1. Excellent point about the fear generated from “natural” disasters versus man-made ones, and the point remains that no one truly survives the trauma of either. Another issue is the tragic fact that no rational conversation about gun control can take place in this country, given the awesome power of the NRA.

    While it is true that a deranged person with violent obsessions will find the ways and means to wreak havoc, the fact that it is so easy to purchase lethal weapons and massive amounts of ammunition in this country, far in excess of what might be needed for personal or family protection, is truly frightening.

    It is also true that there is far more good than evil in our world, yet the latter rivets our attention, most likely because the outcomes of violent acts wound the personal and national psyche and certainly get more attention from the media.

    Guns are not the whole problem, but how very sad that no one in a national leadership role is willing to talk about what part of the problem lack of regulation of firearms and ammunition plays in these awful incidents which destroy life and shatter those of survivors and families of the lost ones.

    And what an interesting response from gun advocates: if more people in the theater had been armed, the death toll would have been limited. Think of it: a shoot-out at the multiplex.

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