Awakened mother

postpartum depression, depression, pms, pmdd, moods, women and depression, natural cures for depression, natural cures for anxietyExcerpted from my essay “Awakened”

…..A woman’s physiology can be a complicated cocktail to dissect particularly when her symptoms are studied by the elite medical world of traditional male doctors who can’t relate to the entangled mix of periods, careers and kids, mood changes, childbirth, babies and menopause.

Several of the male doctors I met over the years I admit, were of the highest sort, kind, well-intentioned, competent practitioners, and going to a female doctor never guaranteed me more sensitivity or brilliant insights, but I saw too many male doctors at the helm of our health care system inferring that their word was the Almighty, more righteous than the clairvoyant voice of my own intuition and my meticulous medical sleuthing, the latter seeded inside me from years of reading volumes of academic research journals during college.

Motherhood formed in me the perfect storm, releasing higher degrees of chemical changes I’d never experienced, blasts of love, anger, exhaustion, sadness, joy, fear, gratitude and despair, a rapid stream of emotional contradictions that by my sense of it then, mothers were not given much permission to discuss out loud. For the first few years as I fell more and more in love with my child I became increasingly ambivalent about my choice to be at home full time, bored by the mundane and repetition of the routine, grateful, in love with my child and yet wrecked.  Read more…

Photo credit: Worradmu 


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