Prayer in schools, quiet time — fine. Inspirational messages? No.

prayer in schoolsThe Florida House voted 88-27 to approve a bill to allow school boards to set policies to permit students to offer inspirational messages at school events, including mandatory gatherings like school assemblies.

Here’s the thing, for as long as I heard arguments over school prayer, I’ve said the same thing, whether someone prays in school or not is of zero concern or offense to me. My beliefs have never hung on what others think in the silence of their mind so if a school mandates students take a couple minutes to silence their minds to pray, think, mediate, whatever, I’m all for it.

Or, If they don’t, fine as well, my life is no different, my beliefs aren’t less sturdy.

Getting offended over adding or not adding a silent prayer is like being offended if someone bows their head at the table and says a little prayer.  The pause doesn’t affect your meal, minus a brief waiting period which okay, might be a bit awkward if you don’t say mealtime prayers, but this really doesn’t affect your life in a significant way.  Read more at skirt!


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