Humility Inside Glory – Rajesh Durbal

Rajesh Durbal, Inspiration, Humility

On Friday I listened to an extraordinary person share his message in a non-extraordinary way, that is with humility, quietly, without boom or voice projection, without a style that would announce he was a particularly dynamic speaker, but for his brilliant smile and mind-blowing story.

He stammered through because he admitted, his passion and faith took over his voice, more familiar with sharing his physical hurdles than his faith, a message my YMCA, the host for the event, welcomed and encouraged.

Despite being a sought after and renowned speaker, being interviewed by CNN’s Dr. Sanjay Gupta, that fact that the city of Orlando created a “Rajesh Durbal” day, Raj, as his friends call him, remained humble through every word, grateful to God, grateful to come our YMCA event and speak to our smallish room of 150. Read more….


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