Spatial Relations: An Essay on Getting Lost

I’m so directionally challenged that even my soft spoken GPS lady can tick me off and steer me wrong, and she’s programmed for a high rate of user success. I walk in circles looking for my car in crowded parking lots. I take wrong turns on streets I’ve traveled for decades. But the upside to getting chronically lost is I’ve learned to be less self-conscious about such trivial failings.

The truth is, no one really cares much that I’m bumbling around the mall parking lot looking confused, unless I want them to care. And if I want them to care, I just ask for help. I’ve decided that lacking a sense of direction isn’t so important because you can get by with being mediocre in this area, as long as your character and integrity aren’t mediocre. People will help you find your way as long as you’re nice to them.  Continue reading……




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