Okay, So He Died For Us But….

When I wrote this I knew I might have to duck a few arrows, that it could come across as purposely flip, irreverent and disrespectful to Christians, but that’s not my intention at all.

So let me disclaim before I get to my point.

I’m not an atheist. I 100% believe in a divine power, just not one that’s sovereign, over me, in charge of me, authoritative and says we’re undeserved sinners who receive grace if we believe. Rather I think we are all, every living person, the captains of our own journey, in partnership with a good and kind Spirit who moves in and around us.

That being said, I belong to a Methodist church and have for about ten years now.  What might seem hypocritical to some about my spiritual journey feels to me like a pretty cool puzzle to unravel.

Years back a quiet, warm open-hearted lady in one of the sixteen bible study classes I took (for the first time in my life) referred to me as a “seeker,” and yes I guess that’s what I am, but now, after decades, I’m no longer an anxious seeker; just a grateful one.

I believe you can sign on to a particular religion or denomination and absorb what lands in you naturally and politely discard what doesn’t without protests or arguments. You just go within and do it.  In my case this translates to silent rebellion, and then to making peaceful resolution with the many contradictions I hear….continue reading at skirt!



2 responses to “Okay, So He Died For Us But….

  1. I’m not sure where you stand in the power of Christ by what you’ve posted. But I caught a blur of a vapor from what I read. It’s not possible for me to judge anyone regarding where they stand in His power. But I will testify as one who knows: He is not religion. He is the power of God present in my every thought and action, from how much toilet paper to use, to what to say when my lips part and noise comes out.

    Again, I’m not making a judgment regarding you. I just didn’t sense that certain confidence in your post. Perhaps it’s the use of the term “seeker”. I used that term to identify myself for decades. Now I don’t seek, I know. Though I still walk by faith, it’s become a “living faith”. And He did it all.

    By His Grace.

    • Hi Buttermilk

      Thank you for your gracious reply : ) I appreciate you reading and commenting.

      Yes, seeker is what I was for sure. Perhaps I will always seek, but I have a knowing as well. This paradox sits easily in me. I hope to always ask questions and wonder. But I do know, all is well.

      I didn’t write about my firm beliefs regarding Law of Attraction, Universe, Spirit because I’m not sure doing so would keep people following my point, some would scoff and turn away too quickly and I wanted to avoid that. It is the words and tone we use that separate us. But whatever words we use, the end result can be the same, peaceful guidance.

      Whether someone says Christ, or God, or Spirit, or Universe, or Energy or Divine is of no concern to me, if someone is guided by good intentions, it’s all Divine Spirit.

      My knowing is here, an unshakeable sense there is a divine force. Now, WHO steers that force is where some of us will disagree, but that’s okay : ). We don’t all need to agree, that’s the beauty of this country.

      Jesus gave us messages that resonate peacefully with me. When I hear many of the messages our pastor shares; I find them restorative and insightful and don’t feel discord about anyone blending beliefs or having views that differ from mine.

      Christ’s messages are pure. Do I connect and agree with every passage I read in the Bible? No, but that shouldn’t bother anyone.

      I honor whatever beliefs people have (or don’t), however they come, are interpreted, and guide one’s life, as long as they show up in genuine and loving ways that don’t force or infringe on the beliefs of others.

      “I bow to the divine in you.”

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