Found: Insights at Forty

(original post on skirt!)

Friday, July 23, 2010

I’m 44 and believe the forties are the most peaceful decade I’ve hit so far, until I hit 50, then my 50’s will be the most peaceful decade I’ve been waiting for all my life, then will come my sixties, and so on. You see where I’m going with this.

If we have nothing to look forward to but regret, hating how we look, aching joints, saggy boobs, yearning for the past and bitching about long lines, smile lines and hot flashes, what’s the point of living? Really, what is the point? To make the spouse, kids and grandkids happy?

This is going to a get a snarl or two, but I don’t think it’s our job to make others happy. I think it’s our job to find our own.

While we work, manage, cook, clean, do, and move about, I think we need to move towards joy, to catch our thoughts, or, we need to change how we move about.

Aging, I think, is meant to be the door to finally decide how we want to move about, to feel the joy we’ve been watching and reading about in other people’s lives. Now is the time to live our best self, and then next year, that will be the time. I think life works that way.


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