Spiritual Awakenings of a Middle Aged Lady

My spiritual awakening seems to come through me, as if a new layer is exposed, yet still slightly covered by the resistance of my soul to enter with abandonment.  It seems perhaps, that the journey to one’s self is found through our connection to the source to which we are unfolding. We cleanse off the heavy grime of our perpetual and daily robotics, and notice what is between the scenes of our lives. I begin to notice without purposeful intent, rather by sense, that to join the heart of each person in this world, is not through beaming pride, or to overtake each one around us, it is a gentle process, that which happens with merely a loving smile and soothing whisper, then a new wisp of familiarity is born, that soon blows full winds of contentment and compassion.

As we all continue to sail into the horizon of noise, contempt, and hollow races to the finish, if we are lucky, no, if we allow it, our soul stops and reaches beyond the busyness, and all is silent, all is still, at that moment, stuck in time, a frozen frame of ourselves is captured. There lay the image of where we could be — elevated in our human-ness, ever closer to the likeness of the gods we worship.  And I wonder, is it that all peace-full seekers are enlightened by mere chance, or that they consciously master their soul?

It seems that from the beginning, their spirit is naturally always moving ahead of their conscious minds. They seem to live in daily state of stirring, aroused by patterns of incongruity in the world that seem to expose uneven levels of human kindness and justice. The highest level of spirituality comes to those who at first mindfully, then by nature, take their internal stirrings and move them toward grace, love, and forgiveness, despite the resistance their conscious mind puts forth.

These peace-makers seem to question what was, what could be, and what must be, as they unsettle the convention of standard expectations. In response, the world sometimes looks on in hostility, in disgust, in disbelief. For these souls seem compelled to forge ahead with unwavering resolve, the precipitous roads towards pure justice and absolute love. A noble mission, yet one that often scurries away the uncomfortable, as pure goodness often spotlights our shortcomings, yet it also has the potential to shine on our highest self.

Those on the road to enlightenment seem to break from their birth mold, often clouded by years of society’s tweaking and training, and hop out to reveal new ideas, better solutions, and righteous change. All the while, their spiritual divining rod is the source, the one-ness, their connected-ness to all who choose to listen, to hear and to accept the call to grace.They never break from their necessary ties to human frailty, instead they grasp the weakest, slowest, most feeble, and see greatness swirling all around. Then they lift the fragile up on their shoulders of spirit, and together, they soar higher and with great purpose, as they each begin to see with new eyes, how each is so like – the other.

And that, it seems, is the golden thread that seekers sew into their lives, as they enter a spiritual awakening; to help up the fallen, and to fly higher, noticing that the wings of each of us are entwined, and without one, the other falters and plunges downward. To come to that place of serenity, is only possible when one surrenders ego to the source, then lifts the lamenting and trodden far up above the noise and the clutter, as they sail across the scape, and notice together, for the very first time, how beautifully it all fits together.



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